Happy French Teacher

All private classes are delivered online through Skype. **
Services offered
French course

There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Classes are structured and follow The Happy Learning program.
All skills will be practiced in order to achieve the highest proficiency.
Each unit of work includes listening, reading and speaking tasks, as well as vocabulary and grammar lessons and exercises.

French conversation

These classes target people who can already speak French (even if it is rusty!) but have no one to practice with.
Classes will be tailored to your specific level and needs: business French, travel French, basic French, etc.

French tutoring

Happy Help for people with a specific need.

  • School and university students
  • Business French
  • Translations
  • Etc.

Please explain via email what your needs are.

**San Diego residents may choose to have the class in a public place (i.e.café, park). Additional costs apply.