Happy French Teacher

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On my bucket list, I have that I want to speak French fluently.
I am working on checking that off right now! If you have ever wanted to have private instruction from the comfort of your home via user-friendly Skype---this is the teacher for you!
She is wonderful and has somehow mastered the art of making the complicated art of learning a language very easy!
Highly recommend.

Tracy Denver, USA
Mona Amyra is by far the most amazing teacher I've had, in any subject, at any point in my education.
She has such a passion for what she teaches, and her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.
After having never spoken French before high school, through Mona's teaching I was able to take a five-week exchange in a French lycée and communicate fluently with the native French students.
In fact, I was even mistaken for a native French speaker at several points (including a drama class), all thanks to her! Some of the most memorable experiences of my life have been because I studied French with Mona, and I cannot recommend taking her classes highly enough - they are fun, supportive, and above all life-enriching.
Un grand merci, Mona!

Dean Southwood, Australia
Mona is one of the best French teachers I have had, not only has she improved my French enormously but she has also become a friend.
She is so easy to talk to, very understanding, passionate, enthusiastic and is such a lovely person, it is hard not to enjoy learning French with Mona.
She has given me the confidence I desperately needed in speaking (which is always so difficult) and reminded me of why I was learning the language in the first place.
She took note of my strengths and weaknesses and we worked on all aspects of the language from grammar to listening.
I cannot recommend Mona's classes enough.
Lessons are flexible, fun and my French improved so much in just the few months I spent with her.
Thanks to her classes, I can happily say I am currently enjoying my year on exchange in France much more, being able to communicate confidently and correctly. Thank you so much Mona!! :)

Ynez Rowe, Australia
THE best teacher I've ever had.
Enthusiastic, fun, loving, caring.
Will teach you everything she knows and will pass her knowledge without hesitating.
Take advantage of her love for teaching, everything Mona Amyra will teach you will be of use in the future.
She's a wonderful teacher and mentor and I'd say there is not one teacher in the world who could compete with her!

Malak Dabcha, Egypt
I cannot recommend Mona Amyra highly enough as a French teacher.
Within the space of two short years she took her students from a beginner's level to near fluency thanks to her hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for teaching French.
Indeed, every class was tailored to each student's strengths and weaknesses, and focused on improving not only our grammar but the essentials of day-to-day vocabulary.
Thanks to Mona, I was well placed to start my university French studies at a 'professional level' and was able to spend a year furthering my studies at Sciences Po in Paris.
Merci beaucoup Mona!

Daniel Murray, Australia
One of the best teachers I've ever had!

Noor Ayman, Egypt
Mona has a way of explaining things that makes everyone understand.

Vincent Lebret Soler, France
I was fortunate enough to have Mona Amyra as my French teacher.
She always managed to create a relaxed and comfortable learning environment, introduced us to elements of French culture and history, and ensured our vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar skills continued to improve.
Mona is a caring and patient teacher who always brought a beaming smile and a joie de vivre to our French lessons.

Stephanie Kalmar, Australia
Learning French with Mona was such an enjoyable experience.
In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable and a great communicator, she's also very warm and really cares about her students.

John Rowley, Australia
When our previous French teacher left at the end of year 11, we were all in a panic about who would take us through our year 12 HSC!
Then Mona Amyra turned up and we knew instantly that we were in safe hands.
We loved French with her so much that half the class took Extension 1 level - we learned quickly and efficiently, but we also had a wonderfully well-rounded experience and were truly immersed in French culture, from cooking crepes to listening to French rap!
We adored Mona Amyra and all came out of year 12 with the skills to travel and live comfortably in French speaking countries!
Tant de bons souvenirs!

Erin Maxwell, Australia
Mona is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who always goes the extra mile for her students.
She has fantastic bilingual comprehension, and with any luck, after a few lessons she will impart some of those skills with you.
I was a student of Mona's over three years in an Australian high school environment and really enjoyed her teaching.

David Ezzy, Australia
I worked alongside Mona for several years in Sydney.
I have rarely met such an engaging and passionate teacher.
She infects her students with her obvious enthusiasm and consequently they all appreciate and respect her.
Mona is clearly a one in a million teacher - certainly a Happy French teacher!

Debbie Summers, Australia
Elève, j'aurais adoré avoir une prof de langue avec le professionnalisme, le dynamisme et l'enthousiasme de Mona;
enseignante, ce fut un réel bonheur de l'avoir comme collègue et amie! Une belle personne dans tous les sens du terme!
The best Happy French Teacher ever!!

Magali Bardet, Burundi